Daisy Ouko

Daisy Ouko is a skilled Business Data Analyst with 7 years of experience in diverse fields. Daisy holds a B.s.c in Actuarial Science. She has been involved in business optimization projects and machine learning models that identify customer segmentation, customer churn, lean management areas, and profit maximization. As a Data Analyst at Geneplus Global Limited, Daisy developed market segmentation reports on client groups using a combination of Tableau, clustering unsupervised learning, and organization information. She also wrote profit variation analysis reports and developed comparison analytics based on industry leader performance for Manhattan foods services, resulting in a menu change and an 11% increase in revenue in the first two quarters after implementation. During her time as Co-op Treasury Analyst at Old Mutual Group, Daisy reduced annual customer churn from 17% to 14.2% using regression and decile analysis in R in 2019. She also worked on an audit analytics project, using Tableau visualization to account for company treasury spending and recognizing a 12.5% overpayment to insurance agents. Daisy was part of a team that forecasted the financial liquidity of the company using time series analysis during a critical merger for the company. Additionally, she trained 16 interns on Microsoft Excel analytics solver, Tableau, and Power BI basics for treasury analysis.