Maureen Perdue

Maureen is a Marketing Specialist. She holds a first-class MBA in Marketing and is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Business Analytics. She is well conversant with emerging digital and tech trends. Maureen has a wealth of experience working with leading international brands. She is growth driven and uses the disruption innovation strategy to stimulate growth, a concept she adopted when she worked with AdaptTBWA, a world-class agency and part of the Omnicom Group of companies. She also worked with Fox Entertainment Group where she was Head of Marketing & Distribution and direct liaison for Walt Disney, Sony Pictures International, and other Majors. Maureen was also a representative for Middlesex University in London – (Africa Regional Office), Kingston University, and Leicester University. She understands both commercial and non-profit dynamics and is known to exceed expectations. Recently, she was instrumental in the ideation and building of Destiny Christian Academy, a school in Moseilolo, Sierra Leone, where there was previously no school for nine villages.